Entry: Be Thankful Friday, December 16, 2005

For the last couple months I've tried to live my life by my own values, some are old, some are new, and I think it's about a time for me to put that values in to some action. One of the values that I tried to holding on is that I will never ask God for anything anymore except forgiveness. It's not that I didn't need God, but it's more like how I could ask something that already given to me. With being born in to this world, healthy, I know that I'm blessed more than some people who unlucky. And I do believe that God has provided everything that I wanted and needed to live my life in this world. And I thanks God for that.

And I tell you, it was easy thing to say, but it wasn't easy thing to do. Yesterday my mom was sick and need to be staying at hospital, and I never feel so tempted to ask God for everything turn to be all right. But I couldn't do that this time because I believe that God has provided everything for me to make everything all right, I just need to look and reach for it and I should be thankful for that.

So God, I thank you for giving my mom the doctor who care, a strength for my father, my brother and sisters, a help and care from my friends, and most of all thank you for giving me a chance to live in this world and surrounded me with all these great people.

Thank you.


December 20, 2005   09:11 PM PST
i hate when you were right man :) thanks
December 19, 2005   12:38 PM PST
thanks God you realizing earlier before it's too late....

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