Entry: Choices, Chances, Changes, Consequences Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well... those words are around this blog for quite long time now as you may notice. Let me tell you story about those words. Those words are representing life, life is choices, life is chances, life is changes, life is consequences, that what was I thought, and I was wrong.

Lately I realized that life still could be represented by those words but in the different perception. Life is about you making choices, life is you making changes, and either way will lead you to chances and consequences and eventually will be back to choices and changes for you to make as it is like a full circle. And the hardest part of life is making changes.

I could recall when the last time I make commitment to change my self, more than a year ago, but honestly I think I began to change my self in the last couple month. The meaning of change here is not always going in 180 degree direction, but it is more about advancing. Why I do that? Why I change? I don’t really know, maybe I was bored and want to try something new, but whatever the reason… I am glad I do that.

Now I see new things, I smell new things, feel some things that I thought I already lost. The same old world, the same old life and now I perceived as a new one. And I like it.


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