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    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    You know what, I often wondering what my life will be in the next... let's said six year from now.
    I'm kind of "slow" about moving-forward things in life. For example, I'm learned how to ride bicycle on sixth grade, and be able to ride motorcycle on college, I'm late for learning things that needed for moving-forward. It's not that I'm stupid or whatever, but it's mostly that I really enjoyed what I was at the time. I enjoyed walking from home to school, I enjoyed using public transport or hitch my buddy during my high school era, I enjoyed skipping class for doing another unnecessary things. The bottom line is that I don't do things that I don't like or I don't want and that's make me so lag behind in this life.

    If I'm woke up six year from now, perhaps I'll be wondering do I wake up in the same bed as now, or maybe wake up at somewhere far away with different sky. Do I manage my life so well? , do I happy?

    Yes I'm slow, but that doesn't mean I'm not moving-forward, it's just my step is shorter, so I guess I'm start running right now, and maybe six year from now i'll find my self smiling when i re-read this.

    Posted at 09:12 pm by nocode
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    Sunday, February 06, 2005
    Tech Talk [Banned]
    Iíve been doing warez and leeching stuff from internet since the first time I ďtouchedĒ internet in myriad of ways that you can imagine. Http, ftp, even by email. But I still keep my hands off IRC, because I donít feel cozy about it.

    And then I need to leech some stuff that only available on IRC, so after some googling on how to leech from IRC, downloading sysreset, I began my quest on IRC network and channel. It was great... Quickly I found out what Iím looking for, leeching it, and suddenly I was banned *sigh*. Itís says session limit exceeded. That happened on every network that Iíve tried to connect.

    Honestly i have no clue of what i've done till i deserved to be banned.
    Well, Iím newbie on IRC and have some experience like this make me lose my further interest on IRC, I guess I should leave all IRC stuff on simpleguy instead.

    Posted at 09:36 pm by nocode
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    Saturday, January 29, 2005
    The Killua-Project
    Killua-project are our (me and simpleguy) way for synchronize our manga download.

    Well, I decided to start this project after seeing some site that simpleguy told me.
    That site are managed by an Indonesian, and he (or she??) has good (Not good as me and simpleguy had hehehe) list of manga and hentai.

    So Killua-Project is born and now it is up and running...

    Posted at 11:13 am by nocode
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    Friday, January 21, 2005
    BitSpirit : There are some JOBs still running. Are you sure to exit ?
    Ooopss... Iíve been excited torrenting stuff from internet so Iím totally forgot
    about blogging, for those who still donít know what torrent is, there a link @ simpleguy blog for your references.

    Surprising enough, my torrent work more stable than http download on my internet
    So without mercy... Iím pushing my el-cheapo all in one k7-som two
    days straight for torrenting stuff (mostly manga hehehehe).

    Iíve been reading ďhow to shine at workĒ by Linda Dominguez, Ö good book., if you
    ever need a clue on how to handle that entire thing that may come up at your
    professional life, I recommended this book.
    The reason I reading this book are that my job contract will be expired soon, so this is my way to prepare my self for looking another job.
    As matter a fact, next Monday 24th January, Iíll have an interview at Jakarta.

    So thatís all for now... Wish me luck guys...

    Posted at 11:38 pm by nocode
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    Friday, December 31, 2004
    Whose fault is it?
    When the sea was angry
    When the thousands of people had lost their live.

    Itís our fault...
    Mine, yours, and theirs

    We start digging a hole, looking for fossil and burnt it, polluting the ozone
    Craving for metal and shipping it into outer space.
    Leaving a hole on atmosphere, for sunshine to melt the iceberg, increasing the amount of sea waters and make the sea floor cracked

    Itís not like that Iím against the modernization of civilization or whatever you call it.
    It is our greed that Iím against
    It is our ignorance that Iím against

    For the people of aceh, please donít give up

    Posted at 07:37 pm by nocode
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    Wednesday, December 22, 2004
    Women and Hentai
    Do you remember about simpleguy friend who collected hentai that apparently
    a chick
    ? well interesting enough she Ďs married.
    Recently Iíve been exchanging my comic collection with women that I know
    from net and guess what, sheís married.
    Then I remembered simpleguyís was
    talking about his female co worker who likes hentai and guess what, sheís

    Hello... Is there any young, naÔve chick who still SINGLE that like hentai
    in Indonesia?

    I guess itís time for someone makes a proper study for this phenomenon.

    Posted at 09:19 pm by nocode
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