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    Monday, January 23, 2006
    Moving Out

    This probably my last post in this blog, because i'm moving out.

    So long blogdrive, thanks for all these wonderfull years.

    Posted at 08:27 pm by nocode
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    Monday, January 09, 2006
    Losing something that I donít have yet.

    The journey I take is still many miles away. The book that I read is one amongst the many on the self. The tree that I see is not the entire forest.

    I don't want to stop walking, I don't want to stop reading, and I don't want to stop seeing.

    Just because I fear of losing something that I don't have yet.

    Posted at 07:14 pm by nocode
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    Monday, January 02, 2006
    Twenty Nine

    The year of 2005 is very interesting year for me, so much happened that year, especially on the fourth quarter.

    I thank God for that.

    And about the year of 2006, it will be my year.

    Posted at 10:29 am by nocode
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    Friday, December 16, 2005
    Be Thankful

    For the last couple months I've tried to live my life by my own values, some are old, some are new, and I think it's about a time for me to put that values in to some action. One of the values that I tried to holding on is that I will never ask God for anything anymore except forgiveness. It's not that I didn't need God, but it's more like how I could ask something that already given to me. With being born in to this world, healthy, I know that I'm blessed more than some people who unlucky. And I do believe that God has provided everything that I wanted and needed to live my life in this world. And I thanks God for that.

    And I tell you, it was easy thing to say, but it wasn't easy thing to do. Yesterday my mom was sick and need to be staying at hospital, and I never feel so tempted to ask God for everything turn to be all right. But I couldn't do that this time because I believe that God has provided everything for me to make everything all right, I just need to look and reach for it and I should be thankful for that.

    So God, I thank you for giving my mom the doctor who care, a strength for my father, my brother and sisters, a help and care from my friends, and most of all thank you for giving me a chance to live in this world and surrounded me with all these great people.

    Thank you.

    Posted at 09:58 pm by nocode
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    Monday, December 12, 2005
    Balikpapan, a way back

    I spent the last 4 days at Balikpapan, doing work for my company at the small city at Kalimantan. It was a nice city, a lively city, surrounded by beach, and famous for its oil and gas industry.

    Fortunately my colleague who came with me at Balikpapan is familiar with the city, so I having no trouble at all spotting some area at the city that needed to visit and having a good time, aside from boring work that I did for my company. And you know, the most striking moment at balikpapan is when my colleague asked me how come I didn't have a girlfriend, and I just said that I couldn't found the right girl yet, and he replied " well I think you are too choosy". those words makes me silent. How ironic, just when I realize that I couldn't choose for my heart, and the person next to me judged me for being to choosy. And then he keeps talking about how he misses his family back home, I envy that.

    Well, the criteria of best journey for me is knowing that you had someone who misses you back home, I know that I had mom, dad, brother, sisters who misses me, but I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about my own family, my own wife and child which I don't have yet. So for you Balikpapan, sadly it wasn't the best journey that I had, but I thank you for me to realize that.

    Posted at 10:50 pm by nocode
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    Saturday, December 03, 2005
    If thereís one thing that i really dislike about my current work, and you all probably know it, is that all the people that I worked with here are college mates, they knew each other very well, they grow up together, and now they were work together too. They share some kind of emotional bound that make them look like a link that build a strong chain. A very strong one. It makes me envy and dislike at the same time, and believe me when I tell you that it was not easy to fill in at that chain, especially for some one like me. To put it short it was sense of me belong there that I didnít feel all this time.

    Ironically, where my heart fell in is at one of those links that build the chain, a lovely one, and also ironically it have a very strong bound for the other link that impossible for me to break because the bound it self is too precious to break. And this matter is tearing my mind, night and day. I donít know where this feeling will lead me, i will follow, may it be the hardest way, full of suffering, and breaking the heart of mine, let it be, I will ready for it. Because to whom my heart fell it was not the choice of mine, and for first time in my life I realize that.

    Posted at 11:02 pm by nocode
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