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    Saturday, February 14, 2004
    I am Mine
    I was intend to write this blog before i got to surabaya, but somehow i can't access this
    site at that time, i begin to think to move my blog on somehere else..

    on my last blog simpleguy has advised me to stay on the company that i working now.
    he said it was my destiny. well.. destiny is a strong word and unfortunately i don't believe in
    a such things, i think destiny is a consecuense of your character. you see.. most people tend to
    make same choices in his/her life because mainly it's their character, so i think it's got nothing todo with destiny or whatsoever, to quote Ed Vedder "i know that i was born and i know that i'll die
    but in the between is mine".

    I think this year it's a turning point for me, i need to change my character. All my life i've been
    a pasive person, being a pasive person isn't bad things at all. Most people don't think that pasive
    person is such person who can prevent them for achieving their personal agenda so their tend to open theirshelves and being a pasive person i could learn a lot from that people.
    but lately i realize being a pasive person is not suitable for my condition right now, as my age gets older i need to be being more active person so the whole word could see what i am capable of.

    anyway right now i'm in surabaya and i write this blog on my friend office, simpleguy has many interesting stuff including hentai hehehe.. i'm gonna visite him tommorow.

    Posted at 02:30 pm by nocode


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