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    Thursday, December 01, 2005
    Being a mother is the greatest job any human being can ever have

    One of my colleagues sent me an e-mail; about the story of the mother that have a child that born without ears. And for her child's sake, she gave her ears, so that her child could have a normal life.
    I admit that I'm kind of weak to hear or read the story like this one. And you know why? Because that's the way I was raised. Well it's not about ears, but it's all about the love, devotion, and sacrifice.

    Let me tell you about my mother, she's just like an ordinary people. But the way she devoted herself to her child that's me and my sisters and brother, the way she loves us, the way she care about us is the best way that I ever know. I once told simpleguy that it was a miracle that makes me through this life until now, since I am an inept and very shy guy. But I realize it wasn't a miracle, it was love and trust that she crave on me.

    So now, whenever I close my eyes and thinks, I will say "I will". She may not have a chance to reach her dream, her plans, her needs, but I will. For all the things she done for me, I will live my life at its fullest so that she can smiles and say "that's my boy, and look what he is now".

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