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    Saturday, April 02, 2005
    Natural Signs
    Do you believe in urban legend about natural signs? Here in Indonesia especially at east java thereís so much urban legend about natural signs, such as:

  • When you accidentally bite your lips, itís mean that there is somebody whoís talking about you in a bad way.
  • When your eyelid vibrating, itís mean that you are going to have some luck.
  • Donít take threesome picture, because the person in the middle will be first to die.
  • And many moreÖ

    Well, I grew up with this kind of urban legend, although I never take it seriously.

    About Two days ago, when I was behind my computer keyboard watching a movie, suddenly a small cicak* fell on my head, thereís an urban legend about this situation, when a cicak* fell on your head thatís mean there something bad are gong to happen to you or your family. Hmm...

    Yesterday, my dad fell from the roof when doing some work, he had a broken bone on his back, fortunately that isnít serious injury, well at least thatís the doctor said after examined the x-ray photo.

    Now if you ask me if I would take all that urban legend about natural sign seriously from now on?
    The answer is still no, thereís no connection about cicak* and my dad, although both are fell from above, it was a coincidence, wasn't it?

    *Cicak : some species of lizard that can climb of wall and ceiling like spiderman, it's common to see it at the tropical area

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