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    Wednesday, March 23, 2005
    and i wondered why..
    Hmm... Thereís so much going on in this month that keeps me from blogging. Losing my internet connection due to incompetent billing (registration??) system, more than 1 thousand hits at killua project (Iím so surprised) also not forget about extending my contract with my current employer.

    Iíve been drown in to many feeling that I canít even explain Ö disappointed, excited, angry, hopeless mixed together in a strange way, and to make it worst, I had to deal with it for each day in this month.

    Now I try to make myself more calm while waiting for this month paycheck and I do hope that in the incoming months, Iíll be able to arrange my life, re-org my priorities, my needed, and things that I wanted.

    Posted at 09:42 pm by nocode


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