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    Sunday, December 19, 2004
    Tech Talk [Flat Fare Internet]
    After waited so long, finally I got a starone postpaid starter pack in my hand. In case you donít know, starone is a mobile telecommunication service from Indosat, based on cdma rather than gsm.
    IMO besides the internet flat fare, and call fare, this thing donít have nothing much to offer, itís sms itís like a joke, itís rarely delivered and itís doesnít support wap/internet, thanks god I didnít buy a fancy hp for this thing, even with my nokia 2280i, this thing still cannot support it completely, there are some feature missing.

    And the internet capability of this thing that I eyed on, it sucks at first. It wonít connect.
    After talking to a customer service and waited for 2 hours, Bam... it worked like a charm.
    And I managed to get a 5 - 15 KBs on download, although I often experienced time out while browsing.

    Well, if you after a low fare of call or looking for a flat fare internet fare here in Indonesia like I do, starone are the cheapest that you can get, but I warn you, the postpaid version of starone still donít have an adequate billing system, you still canít get to know how much your expenses on an occurring month (maybe itís a silly but I personally prefer it much than a bill letter).

    I think the personal mobile internet services provider are bright market, I wish some company will take this thing more seriously, and with a decent billing system plus customer management system and low price it will be a killer.

    Posted at 11:50 am by nocode


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